Hen Party Lip Sync Music Videos

If you’re planning a hen party and looking for something fun, unique and memorable then a marryoke music video is the perfect activity for you and your hens! If you’re wondering what a marryoke is, take a look here.

We guarantee that a lip sync marryoke music video will be something you and your hen party will never forget. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and is certainly something to get people talking! This is a totally unique activity for your hen party / hen weekend and we promise it’s lots fun. We make sure you’ll have a blast. Not only is the filming an absolute riot but you get an incredible video afterwards (we film in 4K ultra high definition – very fancy!). What’s not to love?!

You are going to love filming the video and it’s going to look great too. All of our marryoke videos are filmed professionally by award-winners Adam and Marcus, a husband-and-husband team (aww!) who really know their stuff. Our videos are filmed in 4K ultra HD, offering the very best quality. Your hen party marryoke music video is going to knock everybody’s socks off and make everyone wish they were there! We care a great deal about the videos we make, so you know it’s gonna be a good.

There’s no pressure to do anything you don’t want to, just relax and have fun – that’s the important bit. There’s no “real” singing involved (although sing your hearts out on the day) because in the final video you hear the original track, not your singing. Although no singing talent is required, a superstar performance will win you mega brownie points.

We’re based in Bristol but we cover hen parties all over the UK including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Brighton, Cardiff and Bath (travel charges will apply for areas outside of 25 miles from Bristol – contact us for an exact price). We also offer a studio hire if you’re having your hen party in Bristol and want a local activity. We recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Filming a marryoke music video at your hen party isn’t something you thought you could afford? Think again! Our pricing starts from just £695 for a complete music video. It’s all outlined clearly below.














We charge exactly the same for hens as we do everyone else. We have also thrown in a whole heap of complimentary lovelies just for hen parties because we love them so much! We have bundled in brilliant extra services for hens, including delicious sweets on the day of filming and a really awesome certificate of participation for every hen (soon to become a collectors item, we’re sure).

Our incredibly competitive pricing is carefully worked out and includes everything from start to finish – simply take your pick! We make sure that the marryoke process is an absolute delight from start to finish when you book us – no matter what package you pick. If you’re event is more than 25 miles from Bristol, UK there will be minimal additional travel costs. Contact us for a price.

As standard we’ll provide the music and lyrics for everyone and we will organise everything from start to finish. All you and your hens need to do is give a fantastic performance. We take care of everything else. We’ll arrive at your venue and will set everything up with plenty of time to spare. We work to your schedule and can film at any point in the day (but we don’t do late-night filming). We make sure the filming is really fun and a good laugh for everyone involved. Once filmed, we will lovingly we edit the footage together and post it privately online for the bride-to-be you to look at. Once we have the thumbs up we will produce the final cut and get it online so you can share it with the world! We also include a keepsake Blu-Ray copy for the bride to be (“marryoke prime” package only).



■ Pre-filming chit-chat
■ Pre-filming organisation
■ Your choice of ANY song
■ Filmed in ONE fixed location
■ Filming for unlimited hens – hen party exclusive!
■ TWO fancy professional 4K ultra high definition video cameras
■ TWO highly lovable film crew
■ Up to THREE hours of filming
■ Professional editing
■ Private online preview (changes subject to extra charges)
■ Online version to share
■ Yummy sweets provided while filming – hen party exclusive!
■ A marryoke certificate for every hen – hen party exclusive!
■ Music copyright NOT included


■ Pre-filming chit-chat
■ Pre-filming organisation
■ Your choice of ANY song
■ Filmed at MULTIPLE locations
■ Filming for unlimited hens – hen party exclusive!
■ TWO fancy professional 4K ultra high definition video cameras
■ TWO highly lovable film crew
■ Up to FIVE hours of filming
■ Professional editing
■ Private online preview (changes subject to extra charges)
■ Online version to share
■ Yummy sweets provided while filming – hen party exclusive!
■ A marryoke certificate for every hen – hen party exclusive!
■ Music copyright included
ONE copy on Blu-Ray for the bride – hen party exclusive!
■ Ready in time for the wedding – hen party exclusive!
■ Dress up box hire included – hen party exclusive!


Marryoke Classic includes up to three hours filming in one fixed location at your venue. It can be anywhere, but we will stay put in one place and get your excitable hens to come to us! We then film everything in this one static location. A popular choice for hen parties. We’ll need as much space as possible. A white backdrop hire is available at an extra cost (see our “Extras” pricing below for more information) if you feel fancy.

In order to comply with music copyright law, you will need to purchase a music licence. This is not included in our classic package. We provide details of how to do this when you book. Please make sure you have permission for us to film at your venue before filming begins.


Marryoke Prime includes up to five hours filming at multiple locations around your venue. We’ll be here, there and everywhere – making the most of the surroundings and making your venue yet another star in your video. Your hens come to us, at various locations, and film parts of the video. We can move around and film wherever you’d like. We can scope out locations when we arrive. This is a great option for hens that want the absolute best from their video.

We will purchase a music licence on your behalf, in order to comply with music copyright. This is included in the prime package. We’ll also make sure the video is ready in time for the bride-to-be’s wedding day. Also included is a final copy on Blu-Ray for the bride-to-be. Please make sure you have permission for us to film at your venue before filming begins.



Coming to Bristol for your hen party and want everything taken care of? You can hire a studio space (for up to 14 hens max) to produce your video. There’s a private filming area, and a seating area for drinks etc. Price is for the hire of the studio space.

Want your hen party music video ready to show at your wedding? This will guarantee the video is ready for your wedding day. Included in the “Prime” package!

DRESS UP BOX (HIRE)£25 extra
The dress up box contains all sorts of silliness including hats, wigs and outrageous accessories to give your marryoke video a special finishing touch. Included in the “Prime” package!

A classic “crooner-style” microphone, just like Sinatra and Elvis used. Provided for your marryoke so you and your guests can use it. Includes the microphone and a stand.

A clean white vinyl backdrop to perform in front of. Includes hire of the backdrop and the professional grade studio lighting as well. A neat addition to make your video look slick.

DVD COPY£30 each
An copy of your marryoke on DVD. Price includes DVD and case with artwork and includes postage.

BLU-RAY FILM£50 each
A copy of your marryoke on Blu-ray so you can watch your video in high-definition. Please make sure you are able to play Blu-ray films before ordering. 1 x Blu-Ray included in the “Prime” package!

An HD digital file of your marryoke so you can share it and show off. Price is for HD conversion and a download link of your digital .mp4 file.



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