Corporate Music Videos

Team building hasn’t ever been this much fun!

Looking for a unique way to do some team building and showcase a light-hearted side to your business? How about a fantastically fun music video featuring you and your team? If you’re wondering what a marryoke is, take a look here. The name marryoke is somewhat misleading as you don’t need to be getting married to be a marryoke music video star. We shoot music videos for all types of events.

Marryoke videos is just one name for it; it’s also known as lip dub, mime videos and karaoke music videos. Whatever you call it, it’s still the hottest new trend taking the world by storm. We have racked up hundreds of thousands of online views with our videos, so you’re sure to get noticed.

Build strong connections between employees and have a laugh at the same time. Employees will bond and share this one-of-a-kind experience with each other plus at the end of all of it your business gets an amazing video which shows just how much fun was had. Break conventions, do something different.

Not only are you and your employees going to have a blast filming the video, but it’s going to look fantastic too. Filmed professionally in 4K ultra high definition (HD) by internationally award-winning duo Adam and Marcus, a couple who really know their stuff. Your corporate team building exercise in the form of a music video is going to make a statement and get people talking.

Think it’s totally outside your budget? Think again! Our prices start from £695 for a complete corporate business music video. Check out our pricing for more of the juicy details and don’t forget to check out our videos too!


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