Civil Partnership Music Videos

A Music Video At Your Civil Partnership? Well I Never!

Are you planning your civil partnership? Looking for something fun, unique and memorable for your big day? How about a marryoke music video?! If you’re wondering what a marryoke is, take a look here. We can make your civil partnership a smash hit with our music videos!

A marryoke is a fantastic way for you and your guests to be a part of something equal parts fun, silly and special on your big day. Everyone won’t be able to stop talking about it and we promise that it’ll be a bundle of fun to film. Plus you get a really special one-off keepsake of the day.

Not only are you and your guests going to have a blast filming the marryoke video at your civil partnership, but it’s going to look utterly fabulous too. Filmed professionally in 4K ultra high definition (HD) by award-winners Adam and Marcus, a totally in love couple (aww!) who really know their stuff. Your marryoke video will become an instant hit with everyone who sees it.

Our prices start from £595 for a complete marryoke video at your big day. Check out our pricing for more of the juicy details and don’t forget to look at our videos!

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