About Us

MarryokeME was founded by award-winning filmmaking husband-and-husband team Adam and Marcus. They have filmed hundreds of events and are experts in all things marryoke. They know all the secrets to what makes a marryoke a smash hit. Adam and Marcus are a lighthearted duo who work really hard to make sure every marryoke music video they produce is fantastic. MarryokeME has been on featured on television both in the UK and internationally, sorry they’re showing off now. They also have notched up hundreds of thousands of views online (and rising, daily!).

Having your marryoke music video filmed professionally by Adam and Marcus means it’ll be well organised, superbly filmed, carefully edited and simply oodles of fun from start to finish! You can rely on them to be the perfect blend of professional and easy-going.

MarryokeME is part of the Jonesco Media group – Adam and Marcus’ media company (ooh-la-la!) .

Images courtesy of Blenheim Photography and Kate Hateley Photography.

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