4K Marryoke Music Videos from MarryokeME

We’re rather excited to now offer 4K ultra high-definition filming for all of our marryoke music videos! Hooray! This includes customers which have already booked with us a (when we weren’t 4K) at no additional cost. We’re based in Bristol, but we’re delighted to now offer our ultra high definition 4K marryoke music video filming all over the UK. For marryoke music videos that are more than 25 miles from Bristol we charge very minimal travel charges (contact us for a quote).

Our package price starts at just £695 for a complete 4K marryoke music video (also known as a lip sync music video). For your convenience our pricing is available in full on our website. What is 4K? It’s just really, really high definition – 4 times the quality of regular HD.

Our marryoke music videos are brilliant fun from start to finish and we’re excited to now offer the latest high definition 4k filming for all our videos as standard! How amazing is that? Why not take a look at some of the videos we’ve produced to see how wonderful they really are.

Our pricing can be found in full here. Our packages start from just £695 for a complete 4K ultra high definition marryoke music video with two award-winning videographers offering a fun, memorable and professional service. There’s no hidden costs or any nonsense, because we’re good like that.



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