MarryokeME will be closing for business in 2020.

Please read on as this does impact all past customers
(and their online videos).

We’ve enjoyed ten fantastic years of creating music videos for so many wonderful people. We’ve decided to wrap things up while still on a high. Why? New changes in the law to online video content and music copyright mean a significant jump in pricing would be required to keep going. The costs of filming and producing a marryoke music video are also increasing rapidly.

Rather than become something we’re not, we’ve made the decision to end things while we’re still ahead. It’s not been an easy decision, but it’s certainly the right one and we want to thank everyone for sharing this journey with us.

We’ve loved the work we have done, and we’re incredibly proud of the content produced. We’ve also worked with so many lovely people – something we won’t forget.

If you have had a marryoke produced by us that is hosted online this will come to an end by summer 2020, if it hasn’t already (sadly this is beyond our control). Our website and email address will also cease by the end of 2020.

If you would like to obtain a physical copy of your marryoke video these will be available at a discounted price of £15 per DVD (plus £3.49 postage) for a limited time. This covers all marryoke music videos we have produced, even if it was an “online only” video. We have a digital copy of every film.

Please contact hello@marryokeme.com to order your DVD as soon as possible. This option will be available for a limited time so please contact us ASAP to order. We cannot guarantee any future availability of these videos so please contact us before summer 2020 to avoid disappointment.

For now, thank you. Its been a blast!

Lots of love,
Marcus & Adam